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#IMMOOC Blog Post #4b: Next Steps for the Kindergarten Music Program

Today my kindergarten students performed in a spring music program for their parents in the music room. I didn't prepare a program of songs and activities ahead of time. Instead, I sat on the floor with the kids and asked them, "What are some activities we have done in the music room that you would like to share with your parents?" From there we voted on the activities and created a program together. I created a slideshow for each class so I could remember what each group wanted to share. I also added the targets to the slideshow for each song or activity.

The program was well received. I was really proud of my students. Still, I know there is more work to do. So, what are the next steps? What am I STILL doing for the kids that I need to let go? I asked the assistant superintendent in my district if she would be willing to watch the program with a critical eye and help me answer that very question. Afterwards she had some great advice. She loved that the students created the entire program and she heard me speak of the learning but wondered if I could let my students voice their own learning in the program.

Absolutely. This will be my next step. So, what could that look like?

  • I could select a few students to stand up and say something they learned before each activity.

  • I could ask the students a few weeks beforehand what they learned, chart their answers and place those in the slideshow. A student could stand up and share some of the things the class learned at the program.

  • I could set up in our recording studio a Flipgrid that asks students to share what they learned from a music activity. These videos could be embedded in our slideshow to share with parents.

  • I could ask if any students were willing to share what they learned DURING the spring program.

Whatever I do, there will be choice and VOICE in the kindergarten spring program next year. This will be my next step.

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