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#IMMOOC Blog Post 6b: Final Thoughts

November 3, 2017

I was afraid to join #IMMOOC.  I wasn't sure what to expect.  I didn't know anyone that was joining.  What if I failed?  There were so many unknowns that now seem a little silly to me but 6 weeks ago they were real.  


I am so glad I joined and participated.  This week's challenge to give a shout out to other bloggers has been my favorite week.  It's just awesome.



Here are a few of my takeaways.

  • I reread the book, Innovator's Mindset by George Couros.  It surprised me how much more I got out of the book the second time.  I discovered #BookSnaps after I had read Innovator's Mindset so this time I created #BookSnaps as I read.  (In my opinion, #BookSnaps are the only way to read education books these days.  :D) . Here are my collection of #IMMOOC #BookSnaps. (Anyone is welcome to add their #BookSnaps to the padlet.)

  • I've blogged more often than I ever have.  It's amazing how much learning happens when I take the time to blog.  Not only have I grown through my own blogging but I am also reading blog posts by other professionals.  We all have an interesting journey and there is great value in reading what others are thinking and doing.  

  • I've almost doubled the amount of people I follow on Twitter.  Someone at the beginning of the MOOC suggested to follow as many people on Twitter as you come across.  That was a great suggestion.  Now my Twitter feed is filled with innovative blogs and ideas.  

  • The #IMMOOC chats on Thursdays were massive.  It actually taught me how to manage my time better and how to organize myself for #edchats.  I learned to really enjoyed the frenzied tweets each week.  

  • Lastly, I learned that "the 'relentless relentlessness' will serve our students well and empower educators as learners.  If we ever stop learning, we might as well stop teaching."  -G. Couros. 


So, I will continue my journey and keep checking up on what my #IMMOOC friends are up to.  It's been a fantastic experience.  Thanks everyone!






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