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#IMMOOC Week 5A: Transformational Moments

"Technology should personalize, not standardize." - George Couros

Technology is not just a tool. Technology can be transformational for an individual. By this I mean, we can go beyond planning technology to enhance our lesson plans and learning goals (standardize) but also use technology to provide opportunities for individuals. (personalize)

The child who can't verbalize can use an iPad to push a response similar to her typical peer. The child who has a hard time writing down his thoughts can dictate his thoughts using speech dictation on a laptop. The introvert that is having a hard time processing in a group project can brainstorm with his group on a google document. He can use headphones and physically move away from his group but continue to contribute to the group. A student that is too self-conscious to sing during a singing game with the whole class may be willing to share her voice using a silly sock puppet app. This child is heard singing but not pictured singing.

These opportunities matter. You know they matter when you see a student's eyes light up when they have success. You know it matters when a parent approaches you at a school event and can't say enough about how touched they are that you helped their child communicate with their classmates. You know these opportunities matter when you see a child thriving when previously they had struggled. It's a transformational moment and those really, really matter.

How do you use technology to personalize learning?

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